The Search 4 Scratch Documentary follows:

6 Golfers, over 3 Months with 1 See How Low Their Handicaps Will Go!

Golf University selected 6 golfers from all walks of life, from varying nationalities and of all playing abilities to embark on a journey to answer the age old question that all golfers who’ve ever dared to dream have asked:

“How Good a Golfer Could I Be if I Had the Best Technical and Course Management Coaching, an Effective Practice Plan & a Champion Mindset?”

Chosen from over 1500 applicants – Search 4 Scratch followed the journey of these 6 amateur golfers as they attempted to discover how low their handicap could go over a 3 month period.

They were treated like professional athletes with the support of the world’s best coaches, a sport psychologist, a hypnotist and celebrity mentors.

They attended a 5 day Short Game School, a 3 day Long Game School and a 2 day Competition focused School, plus they followed a structured practice and daily hypnosis schedule when they were not at the schools.

All culminating in a final golf tournament with the winner becoming a Mentor at Golf University.

They faced a myriad of Environmental, Physical, Mental and Emotional challenges on their quest to find out just how good they could be…To find out how low they could go...

The Search was very unique to each golfer and totally different to what they originally thought it would be and one thing’s for sure…

They all became better golfers and better people because of this journey.

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