“How Good Could I Be Playing Golf if I was Trained with the Best Coaching Model, Practice Plan and Course Management System PLUS developing a Champion Mindset?”

The Search 4 Scratch Program WILL answer YOUR ultimate question, the question EVERY golfer dares to dream!

How good could I be at golf?

It’s our aim with Search 4 Scratch to help you find the answer.

The Search 4 Scratch Online Program is specifically designed to expose your golf potential and coach you to fulfill it.

If you are a Male or Female A, B or C Grade Golfer who is 100% open minded and committed to improve your handicap by 4 or more strokes, then this program is for you!

The process is not about getting to scratch—a zero handicap (although if this is your goal that’s fine by us) but it’s about identifying your scratch—your lowest handicap and helping you to achieve it over a 3 month period.

That’s what makes Search 4 Scratch different!

Look it’s common knowledge that the present golf instruction model is inconsistent.

Every golf teacher has their way, but maybe it’s not your way.

Too often the focus is too technical, besides the fact that you are probably learning on a rubber mat at a driving range, or at the very least a level bit of turf, and yet the strange thing is that golf is played on a golf course!

And golf is 100 percent a head game, where you have to manage you mind and emotions all of the time.

So at Search 4 Scratch our aim is to balance the Technical, Course Management, Purposeful Practice and Champion Mindset elements to ensure you become a far better Humanistic golfer, teaching you to Play Golf rather than Perfect Your Golf Swing, which will allow you to enjoy the game of golf again, free of the fear, doubt and confusion that is common place in the mechanistic approach to golf instruction.

We believe you are already a perfect learner!

You and your golf / life are not broken and certainly do not need to be fixed.

So after completing the Search 4 Scratch Process you will be armed with a simple, yet very powerful set of technical, course management, practice and champion mindset tools that will help you become a better golfer and a better person and that you will be able to rely on for the rest of your golfing journey.

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