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Search 4 Scratch Student Case Study – Hellen Hou

By April 13, 2017Uncategorized

When Search 4 Scratch Documentary student Hellen Hou was selected for the Search 4 Scratch Program she was very new to the game, yet very passionate.

Hellen was so committed to learning how to play golf correctly and systematically that she moved down from Canada, quit her job and applied herself fully for the 3 month period.

This level of commitment was a real attraction to both Andrew and Lawrie as her coaches although at times could be her downfall as she was often instructed to take rest and allow the learning to integrate but her passion and determination would see her sometimes over train – which lead to some unexpected weight loss – which was rectified very quickly with some quality nutrition to support the many kilometres she was walking each day as she practiced and played.

Hellen started the Search 4 Scratch Program on a handicap of 41.5 and finished on 27 after only 3 months – her amazing results were testament to her unwavering belief in herself and dedication to the Search 4 Scratch process.

Hellen’s biggest improvements were her ability to “feel” her putts, read the greens when she was putting and be more balanced in her golf swing, not to mention just learn how to play golf properly – as she was an absolute beginner.

Hellen’s two biggest improvements overall came when she realized:

1) That in her Chinese Culture she does not “pay for her pain” eg if something is bothering her she will not address it – whereas the Search 4 Scratch Program is all about addressing and clearing anything that is bothering you – so once Hellen realized the power she had when she did address her mental, emotional and physical challenges her golf and her life improved dramatically and…

2) Quality Practice is more important that Quantity Practice – Hellen used to only focus on her swing whereas now she focuses 90% of her practice on the Short Game – Chipping and Putting

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