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Search 4 Scratch Revolutionary New Golf Vision

By March 31, 2017April 11th, 2017

Search 4 Scratch was primarily created to answer the age old question that all golfers who have ever dared to dream have asked:

“How Good Could I Be Playing Golf if I was Trained with the Best Coaching Model, Practice Plan and Course Management System PLUS developing a Champion Mindset”

The word Search refers to the internal journey golfers will go on as they get clear on the Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs that are either helping or hindering their golf and life improvement.

The number 4 is a numerical representation of improvement – eg we will support golfers to lose 4 strokes or more from their handicap in 3 months or less

The word Scratch is the pinnacle for most golfers – eg getting to a zero handicap – but in the case of Search 4 Scratch – we say that the golfers Scratch is 4 strokes (or better) than where they are currently.

So if you play of 28 your Scratch would be 24, if you play off 18 your Scratch would be 14 and if you play off 4 then your handicap would be zero.

This allows the golfer to set a shorter term focus and perform the necessary tasks (technically, physically, mentally, emotionally and course management wise) to allow them to get to their ideal handicap (or their Scratch) in 3 months or less.

In the video below, Search 4 Scratch Documentary, Program and Golf Schools Creator and CEO Andrew McCombe explains the underlying principle / vision that will allow golfers to improve their golf and their life by default.

To watch the “Search 4 Scratch Golf Vision” click the Play Button in the video below.